Destination Coeur du Jura!

Destination Coeur du Jura doesn't ring a bell? Well, we'll help you: it's the brand new name created by the merger of the Poligny, Arbois and Salins-les-bains Tourist Offices.

Our guest house, La Scierie, is in the heart of this magnificent region: karst paths, secluded areas, waterfalls, cirques, vineyards... the diversity of the landscapes is sure to surprise you. And that's only the beginning!

In Poligny, it's the Comté that takes pride of place.

The ENIL provides excellent training for its students. Companies such as Juramont, Juraflore and some very fine cheese dairies offer local products where you can discover all the flavour of cheese.

Ten kilometres further on, the Arbois vineyards open their doors to you. A completely different world where gastronomy and wine are a celebration. The year is punctuated by great events and unique gatherings around the winemakers.

If you dare to venture another ten kilometres, you'll arrive in the spa town of Salins-les-bains! A small town with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants, it's full of treasures: as you enter, you'll be greeted by the Thermal Baths (Therma Salina), the Dome of the Liberator should greet you all dressed in gold, the Casino, La Grande Saline... not to mention the two forts that watch over the town.

At the very end of this territory, you'll find our guest house & Spa La Scierie. It's La Scierie, along with all the other people in the area, that keep the Heart of the Jura alive and beating.

To find out more about all the experiences and places to discover, visit the new Coeur du Jura website.

See you soon!