Why don't we stay for dinner tonight?

After a few hesitations, a little apprehension and a lot of organisation, we've started the catering!

To whet your appetite, we're sharing our full range of services with you. 

Don't miss a thing!

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1. Table d'hôtes

How does it work?

A single menu shared by all.

The type of cuisine?

We try to strike the right balance between traditional cuisine and more refined dishes, and the result is delicious, tasty food.

The credo?

100% homemade, 100% seasonal and a maximum of producers.

The little extra?

Conviviality guaranteed

Menu (booking essential)

Starter + Main course + Cheese + Dessert

30 € / person


12 € for children under 12

Free for children under 4

And children eat like grown-ups! (adapted portions)


2. Boards


Charcuterie du Jura, salaisons Thaurin* + a glass of wine

15 € / pers

Jura charcuterie, Thaurin cured meats + Fruitière cheeses + a glass of wine

20 € / person

Green salad supplement


Booking recommended

*Charcuterie du Jura: a selection of local sausages, braisi, pancette, noix de jambon, échine, terrine
Fromage de la Fruitière: Comté, Morbier, Tomme, Cacouillard.


3. Jars

Sterilised ready meals in glass jars. Handcrafted.

Arriving late? Looking for a quick snack or a self-catered dinner?

Our jar menus allow you to enjoy a variety of small dishes while staying at La Scierie.

1. You choose what you want for dinner

2. If necessary, reheat for 12 minutes in a bain-marie.

3. Enjoy your meal!

Our menus :

Main course + dessert 17€

Starter + main course 20€

Starter + main course + dessert 24€

The little extra :

Bread is included in the price of our menus. Help yourself from the freezer. Individual rolls are available.


4. Brunch

It is possible to have brunch at La Scierie, but only on a private basis.

We are working on opening the brunch to our individual and external customers.

Just a little more patience and you'll soon all be able to enjoy it! 

5. Half board

Are you staying at La Scierie for more than 4 nights?

Then you can take advantage of our half-board service.Formule

Starter + Main course + Dessert 22 € / pers

How is it different from the Table d'hôte?

The formula is lighter and above all you are on your own.

From 7pm your dinner is waiting for you in the kitchen.

Pick it up when you like and sit down to dinner.

It's just like home, only better! 

6. Meal basket

Going on a day trip?

Take your packed lunch with you.


Sandwich with Jura charcuterie + Fruitière cheese + mini salad

Farmhouse yoghurt + home-made pastries or mini cake

Bottle of water 33cl


Booking the day before for the day after