Re-opening on June 06, 2020: what's new?

La Scierie reopens its doors on Saturday 06 June, and we're so happy to see you again!

Of course, at the time of writing, we're still limited by the 100km distance. But we're optimists and hope that by the end of May, the measure will no longer be in force.

While we obviously didn't wait for the pandemic to hit before we started observing basic rules of hygiene, recent events have forced us to redefine the notion of cleanliness within La Scierie.

To ensure both the well-being of our guests and health safety, you will find below the reorganization of our various services and our new golden rules.



In order to maintain all our services in compliance with the new regulations, here are the proposed changes:

  • No buffet (brunch or breakfast): plate service mandatoryFor those who wish, room service is offered.

  • When the weather's fine, the terraces will be set up and everyone will have plenty of space for a leisurely dinner or breakfast. Space? A luxury we're delighted to offer you.

  • If not, each room will be given its own timetable for sequencing meal times.


Wellness area

As you know, our aim is to offer you the very best, and all our services are designed with this in mind.

With the introduction of new sanitary constraints, use of the "self-service" wellness area is temporarily suspended.

Do you have a room?

  • Don't forget to book the time slot(s) to enjoy the space in complete privacy.

  • You've got it: the SPA, saunas and gym all to yourself!

  • Reservations for 60-minute sessions from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 10pm (last session at 9pm).

Between each use: thorough cleaning and disinfection in accordance with current guidelines.


Massages & Wellness services

Hygiene is one of the first things to go when offering wellness services. It's part of the job... so let's get back to basics!

  • So yes, your practitioner will be masked for facials (and body treatments if you wish).

  • Yes, you'll need to allow 20 minutes for cleansing and meticulous disinfection between each treatment.

  • Yes, a shower is mandatory before any treatment

And, of course, the care, attention and support will be there. Mask or no mask, the services remain the same! 

To find out more about the new golden rules, click here.


So, we're counting on you to be there! And we haven't told you everything, but several surprises await you when we reopen.

We've taken advantage of the 2 months of confinement to spruce up our exteriors... but don't worry, you'll soon find out in pictures!